Frequently asked questions:

Q. Who receives the packages?

A. Packages are sent first to Chayelim Bodedim (male and female combat soldiers that have no immediate family in Israel) and severely wounded soldiers who are receiving long term hospital care.

Q. What goes in these packages?

A. Winter packages include a fleece jacket, 2 piece long underwear, bath towel, fleece blanket, ski hat, gloves, socks, boxer shorts, neck warmer, individual packets of coffee and sugar, candies, chocolates, and snacks, travel size toiletries, and 4 letters written by people from all over the world offering the soldiers thanks and encouragement. The spring and summer packages include short sleeve men's undershirts, boxer shorts, bath towel, socks, candies, energy bars & salty snacks, travel size toiletries, and 4 letters of appreciation written in Hebrew, English, Russian and Amharic.

Q. If I am planning a visit to Israel, how can I participate in a packing session for the soldiers?

A. Before your trip, contact us by email and we will send you a schedule of packing times that are available during your trip. At the same time we can send you a list of the most needed items requested by the soldiers, that you can bring to Israel with you. Contact us so we can arrange pick up of these items.
We can also be reached by fax or phone. See Contact information.
You can also collect items needed for the packing and bring them in with you.

Q. Can I mail you items for the soldiers?

A. Due to security concerns, we can not receive any packages by mail from abroad. Travel sized toiletries brought to Israel by visitors and letters of appreciation from school children and adults are always welcome.
Toiletries might include:
Deodorant - roll on, gel, stick, tooth brush, travel size tooth paste, foot powder, shampoo, sun screen, lip balm, Kosher snacks (Mike & Ikes, M&M's, energy bars)

Q. I have heard that you invite groups to help you pack. What does that entail?

A. We have had all types of groups volunteer to pack with us, ranging from Birthright, USY, Yeshiva University, Various Synagogue groups, Christian Pilgrims, who support Israel's struggle, Bar and Bat Mitzva parties where the children start their life as an adult with this positive Mitzva. If you are planning to be in Israel, or you have a group here that would like to donate a few hours to help, they will be warmly received. Please contact us at

Q. Does "A Package from Home" have any religious affiliation?

A. No. However all the food that goes into the packages is certified kosher by a rabbinic authority.

Q. Can I send in a donation in another currency besides US Dollars and Israeli Shekels?

A. Yes, we are an international project and accept all types of currencies.

Q. Where does volunteer packing take place?

A. We pack in Jerusalem.