Adopt a Unit

  Since 2000, 400 Units have already been adopted.

Each soldier's package is valued at more than $30 US Dollars. Many of you have expressed an interest in adopting a whole unit. Below is a list of some Israeli Combat units you can adopt.

One class - adopts One Unit:

Students in the 5th grade class of 2009/2010 at Contra Costa Jewish Day School got together and created 'the Makolet Project' in which they raised $1220 to donate to A Package From Home. The kids have voted on adopting a unit and they chose an elite combat unit.

Students include:
Zachary, Lipaz, Joshua C., William, Jacob Galdes, Jacob Gerber, Rebecca, Hadas, Daniel, Natalie, Sasha, Ben, Joshua S., Hallie, Eliezer.

Unit Number of Soldiers Adoption Cost
Helicopter rescue unit 34 soldiers $1000
Ethiopian (Infantry) unit 34 soldiers $1000
Elite Combat unit 34 soldiers $1000
Totchanim (Artillery) unit 40 soldiers $1200
Duchifat (Special Forces) unit 40 soldiers $1200
Duvdavan (Infantry) unit 40 soldiers $1200
Shimshon (Gaza Patrol) unit 40 soldiers $1200
Mishmar Hagvul (Border Patrol) unit 50 soldiers $1500
Handasa (Engineers) unit 60 soldiers $1800
Bilu (Paratroopers) unit 100 soldiers $3000
Helicopter Medical unit 100 soldiers $3000
Beduim (Trackers) unit 130 soldiers $3900
Shirayon (Tanks) unit 150 soldiers $4500
Golani (Infantry) unit 180 soldiers $5400
Tsanchanim (Paratroopers) unit 180 soldiers $5400
Givati (Infantry) unit 200 soldiers $6000
Nachal (Infantry) unit 200 soldiers $6000


After adopting a unit you will receive a letter of appreciation from Lt. Colonel Zvika Levi, who is the IDF commander of all the Chayelim Bodedim, and a beautiful plaque*. Please specify which unit you would like to adopt when mailing in your contribution.

* If you prefer to have the insignia pin of your adopted unit instead of the plaque, please clearly mark this on a note when mailing your donation.

We need your help.

For a US tax-deductible contribution:

We are pleased to announce that donations to A Package from Home in the United States may be made payable to American Friends of AACI, with a notation that they are recommended for the work of A Package from Home.
All contributions should be forwarded to:
American Friends of AACI
c/o Charlotte Kroot, Inc.
21 East Chestnut Street - Suite 3C
Chicago, Illinois 60611 USA





If you wish to make an online donation to our work, please visit, and click on the "Contribute" button. Follow the instructions and indicate "A Package from Home" in the special memo box.

For a Israel tax-deductible contribution:

Please make your checks payable to AACI and mail it to:
Association of Americans and Canadians in Israel
Package from Home Project
PO Box 53349 Jerusalem, Israel, 91533
We currently only accept credit cards for US tax-deductible contributions.

Contact Information:
Phone:02 623-2548
Fax:08 979-9064
Shira Gilor, Project Manager:
Phone:08 976-1323

Thank you for all your help!
Barbara Silverman