Previous Bar/Bat Mitzvah Projects

Sammy Mellman - January 2009

For his Bar Mitzvah in January 2009, Sammy Mellman wanted to do a chessed project. He searched the internet, and found "A Package From Home". He felt a desire to connect with soldiers who are doing so much for the safety and protection of the State of Israel. However, he needed help from friends and family.

Sammy created a tri-board with information about "A Package From Home", along with a copy of the letter he wrote. At his party, the board was displayed and paper and pens were available for friends and family to write letters to the soldiers. In his Bar Mitzvah speech, Sammy encouraged everyone to participate.

In these photos, you can see Sammy and his friends writing letters. After the Bar Mitzvah, Sammy sent the letters to Israel along with a generous donation to "A Package From Home". Sammy and his family are thankful to this wonderful organization for bringing warmth and smiles to soldiers who are working so hard to protect our homeland.



Other Ideas

One Mother of a Bar Mitzvah boy made centerpieces for each table at her son's Bar Mitzvah. Each centerpiece looked like a large care package (stuffed with similar items that we include in the packages) and attached was a copy of our brochure, an Israel flag, and a different thank you letter from the soldiers. Also guests at the Bar Mitzvah had the option to bring their own collected items to add to the “packages” as well as write letters to the soldiers. Enough money was raised to adopt a unit of Chayelim Bodedim (soldiers with no family in Israel) and this unit was sent packages and the letters (see section for adopting a unit). The Bar Mitzvah boy then received a plaque engraved to him in honor of his Bar Mitzvah as well as a letter of appreciation from Barbara and a letter of appreciation from Lt. Co. Tzvika Levy. Commander of all the Lone soldiers in the IDF.