Dear hat knitters,

Thank you so much! Thank you for all your good wishes, thank you for the hundreds of wonderful, warm hats you've been knitting and thank you for taking the time to let your friends and family know about this project. Your enthusiasm is amazing.

So many hats have come in -- from all over the world -- that the local post office has given up on sending me a separate notice for each package that arrives. Instead, they just thrown them into a box for me, I come by every few days and the lady behind the window calls out to the back room: Channah Koppel is here! Get the hats!
So now I'm a small-town celebrity thanks to you-all :-)

I'm also getting requests for hats from soldiers, all the time, as well as thank-you's from those who received them. Just recently we got a warm thank you note from a Golani brigade stationed in Hebron, and a phone call from the Hermon. Due to the current situation, all hats coming in now are going to soldiers serving in Aza.

Here's a link to a few photos -- so you can see what it looks like when the mail comes in, and your hats get packed up for delivery:

One of the main reports from soldiers in Aza the past few days has been that it's very cold. Our hats are among the goodies in the care packages that Barbara Silverman has been sending to our soldiers in the South several times a week now. I brought her some more hats today and they've already been packed up and driven down to the front, too. So your hats have definitely made it to the front lines and my daughter swears she saw one of them on the news last night. Also, a profile of "A Package from Home" and a photo of soldiers wearing our hats appeared in today's Jerusalem Post but is not online yet...I'll let you know if/when that goes up for viewing.

Meantime, I remind you that you can download the hat pattern from [link below]
Feel free to pass the link around to anyone who might be interested.

Answers to your mailing questions:

  • I love to let you know when your hat has arrived, and to thank you so please remember to include your email address in every package you mail to me.
  • Several of you have asked me about customs duties. Envelopes/boxes that are labeled as a gift with a value of under $50 have not been a problem thus far.
  • If you are in the U.S. and have *10 hats or more* you can now mail the hats to a U.S. address. Go to and click on "Contact Us" for a list of names and addresses. These people will take care of getting the hats from the U.S. to Israel.

May we blessed with peaceful borders and may our soldiers come home soon, safe and sound.

Again, thank you so much, and keep those needles flashing,
Channah Koppel