Our mission is to strengthen the spirit and resolve of each Israeli combat soldier, and to show our appreciation for the sacrifices they are making in securing our safety and the survival of the Jewish People. Our care packages are not only a warm reminder of the love and esteem we hold for our soldiers but also are items that they truly need.
With help and support from:
American Friends of AACI

Dear Friends of A Package From Home

So much has happened since our last newsletter. Since last summer we have sent out an additional 5,000 packages to our combat lone soldiers. On Tuesday July 14th we plan to send an additional 400 packages.

We hope these pictures give you an idea of how much our packages of support mean to these soldiers. [see below after this letter] In December, Golani 13 (picture below) received packages along with a letter written by Stuart Steinberg, father of their fallen comrade Max Steinberg z"l.
We are excited to share news of the very successful Annual Walk-A-Thon being organized once again by Helen Fuchs, on Monday July 24th,2017 at Sunny Atlantic Beach Club (free parking) 2035 Ocean Boulevard, Atlantic Beach, NY 11509. 9:30 AM line up, the walk begins promptly at 10 A.M. and ends with a health bar (brunch). Please sign up by July 16th to ensure you will receive a Dri-Fit walk-a-thon T shirt.
For further details and to register or sponsor the Walk A Thon, please follow this link www.apfhwalk.com
The Jewish Press will also run a sign-up notice in its next edition.
We look forward to seeing you at the Walk A Thon!
If you would like to help us continue to send these packages of creature comforts and support to our dedicated soldiers feel free to contact me for information on how to get involved in A Package From Home.
apfh@gilor.com / 972 - 0508108555
With hope for a peaceful and healthy New Year.
Thank you for your support
Barbara Bloom Silverman - Founder
Shira Gilor
Project Manager - A Package From Home
49 HaYitzhar St.

"Max was a Lone Soldier but he did not feel alone because of people like you. We remember Max speaking of you with the utmost respect and admiration. He said you brought him some of the basic necessities that he desperately needed like underwear and socks and he was so grateful. Thank you"

The two soldiers who came to collect their unit's Chanukah packages that were generously sponsored by Rabbi Thaler's congregation, Gates of Prayer in Queens, NY.

Lt. Cl. Zvika Levi (our liaison) giving out our packages to "Arayot Hayarden" (Lions of the Desert) Co-ed Combat Unit.

Newly inducted captains in the Israeli Army receive our packages (Lt. Cl. Zvika Levi in red shirt)

Did you ever wonder what a few people could do to change the world?

Think it's impossible?

Less then twenty people were able to change the entire world for the worse on 9/11. If twenty people can change the world for the worse, think of what we can do to change the world for the better!

Dan Lindenfeld receiving donation from Areyvut-Rothner for A Package From Home to use for Severely wounded soldiers respite care. Click here to read all about our successful 2nd Annual Respite weekend program.

  • Since the beginning of the 2nd Intifada in October 2000, we have sent more than 135,000 packages

  • Over 300 Bar/Bat Mitzvah teenagers have chosen A Package From Home as their first Mitzvah Project

  • More than 300 special packages have been given to wounded soldiers

  • During the 33 days of the 2nd Lebanese war we sent 22,000 packages

  • More than 300 Combat units have been adopted

Knit a winter cap for a soldier: Read about this ongoing project and get knitting instructions by clicking here.