I'd like to tell you about the power of a few women with knitting needles.

Last year, a small group of handcrafters in Gush Etzion wanted to do something for soldiers. One of the women, Channah Koppel, had a son serving in the paratroopers so she looked into it and discovered that they could really use some warm, well-fitting hats. She developed a knitting pattern, sent out some emails and the project took off. Since then, people from around the world have been sending Channah hand knit hats for soldiers. Last year, they outfitted an entire brigade serving in the Golan and on the Hermon.

Sept 2009: Click here for an update & personal shana tova letter from Channah.
Jan 2009: Click here for a personal thank you letter to all you knitters!

Now, Channah and her group have decided to team up with "A Package from Home" to get hats to "chayalim bodedim" (lone soldiers without family in Israel).

Just this past week, "A Package from Home" packaged 175 hats for soldiers serving in Golani and tank units. When they came to pick up the packages and saw the hats they were thrilled. The hats that soldiers currently receive from the army of made of a synthetic fleece-type fabric that's nowhere near as warm and snug. One of the soldiers asked me to make sure the packages he gets all have hand knits hats.

The hats provide physical warmth and emotional support and we feel good knowing that somewhere tonight, a soldier doing guard duty in the cold will be wearing a warm hand knit hat, made with love. (see attached pictures).

The weather is getting colder time is of the essence. Our goal for the coming winter is to get an additional 2000 hand knit hats to lone soldiers serving in combat units. If you are a knitter or know someone who loves to knit and wants to help keep our soldiers warm this winter, please see attached pattern. All hats must be made to pattern in order to conform with army regulations.

Finished hats should be mailed to:
Channah Koppel
POB 3081
Efrat, 90435

In order to help us avoid heavy customs duties, please make sure that your package weighs under 2 kilos (4.4 pounds) and is labelled as a gift or used clothing with a monetary value that is less than $50.

You are welcome to include a note to the soldiers with your hat.

If you’d like to be notified when your package has arrived, please include a name and email address inside your package.

The caps will be included in our winter packages which we will deliver directly to our soldiers.

The cost of the wool is approximately 10 shekels in Israel and $ 4 in the US. What a small price to pay for the comfort and warmth it will bring to our soldiers as they guard our borders from our enemies.

A big thank you goes out to our knitters from the Council of National Jewish Women of Australia, Caroline Heard sent us 64 hats January 2011 - just in time for the winter cold and rains!

Click here for Knitting instructions for a Simple Soldier's Hat. Two versions are listed.

Click here for crocheting instructions for a Simple Soldier's Hat.

Click here for an article from the Leeds (UK) Jewish Telegraph, 5 Dec 2008

For more information contact:

Barbara Silverman
Email: emess@netvision.net.il
Phone: 02 623-2548
Fax: 08 979-9064


Thank you for all your help!