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These are a small sampling of the many thank you letters we have received at A Package From Home.

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Letter #1

Dear Barbara and the Package from Home Organization,

When I was growing up in my neighborhood, my classmates and I would often write letters and cards to soldiers, volunteers and various people in Israel. It's difficult to grasp at a young age exactly what a few words of encouragement can do to a person. Today I'm a soldier in the IDF's Paratroopers Brigade and now I can say what those few words can do.

Myself and the other "chayalim bodedim" in my unit received care packages from your organization this week. Aside from the various gifts and goodies inside (which are *awesome*!), I also found several cards. A few in English, a few in languages I don't understand - but all with the same message. Knowing that there are people out there who support us is what gives us the power to continue. Because of your organization, we are constantly reminded of what we so willingly fight to defend.

Thank you for the gifts and God bless you all!

Paratroopers Brigade
Python Battalion 101

Letter #2

Dear Barbara and all the wonderful people who sent us the amazing packages.

I would like to thank you for the wonderful packages you sent myself and my fellow soldiers. We enjoyed the tasty mishloach manot you sent us. It is lovely knowing that there are so many people thinking about us and praying for our safety.

At the moment we are busy in different operations in tha gaza strip and the rest of Israel. It was great to take so many "goodies" with us.

I am enclosing a photo of myself with the rest of my unit we are after a special course wearing helmets.

thank you again, it is nice knowing that so many people are thinkg of us and praying for our safety.

chag pesach kasher v'sameach

Nadav Melamed
"yachsar givati" ( a special unit in givati)
Bet Shemesh

Letter #3

Dear Generous Donor,

We of the "Blade" Battalion deeply appreciate the kindness you've shown us. Your gift really lifted our spirits while we faced the daunting task of defending Israeli freedom from terror. After all of the negative attention our nation has received from the media, it really warmed our hearts to know that others still cared about us. We thank you for keeping us in your thoughts.

Kobi Haviv and the 3rd Co.
Israeli Defense Force, 531st Battalion

Letter #4

To the volunteers and donors of "Packages from Home" organization.

My name is Assaf Botzer, a soldier in the "Spear Edge" brigade which participated in the battles in the central section of the front and lost ten of its men. bless their memory.

In normal days I'm a Ph.D. student in the department of industrial engineering in Ben Gurion University in Beer Sheva. The "Tzav 8" (order to return immediately to your unit) met me when I was working on my research proposal and plunged me into training for war in our northern border. One of the nights, after a hard day of training my company comrades and my self found, to our surprise, packages from the organization "Packages from Home", on our beds. I would like to thank in my name and on behalf of the soldiers of my brigade to the "Packages From Home" organization, founded by Barbara Bloom Silverman, to its volunteers and donors and everyone else who took part in this blessed initiative. I'll start with the technical details: We received the "Tzav 8" in a few hours notice which left us not much time for packing. Thus, products we received in the packages were necessary and sometimes gave answer to shortages in basic needs. I can testify forgetting tooth paste. It is true that every base has an army canteen, but this one is not always prepared, in terms of supply, to fill the demands of a brigade or sometimes a number of brigades at the same time. In addition, every thing which can relieve soldiers from taking care of logistical matters and let them focus on training, especially when these start at dawn and end late at night, is of great importance.

Even when soldiers remembered to pack everything they might need, it is noteworthy that the products discussed are not everlasting and no one can tell when the fighting will be over and when it will be possible to purchase them again. Therefore, deodorant, tooth paste, socks, under wares and other products in the packages were highly important. In the case of the fresh ones, even veteran soldiers didn't think about their advantages and wouldn't have taken some if not for the packages. Besides being refreshing, the fresh ones proved effective when we had to wash our hands before meals, in order to maintain hygiene and prevent diseases, while at the same time ran into water shortage and couldn't afford using water not for drinking. The treats in the packages contributed to our moral, being treats, and more important, indicating that someone is thinking of us and wants us to feel good. More than that, in some cases, some soldiers may be hard up, especially when loosing working days following service and thus, can not afford any extras or even basic products like the kind discussed in the previous paragraph.

In a more personal tone: Every package had a letter from the donor enclosed. Unfortunately I can not list by name all those wonderful people who wrote these letters. The letter which i received from Rebecca Gabovitch (Gabo) and was written while she stayed at camp Yavneh really moved me. That's the way many of my friends felt when they read the letters enclosed to their packages. Knowing that someone whom you don't know thinks about you, prays for you and maybe most important, recognizes your contribution, makes the goal you are fighting for more tangible and encourages you when you are about to face hard challenges. Especially, when this someone is a part of a great group, a nation standing behind you, as the great number of letters testifies.

The "Spear Edge" brigade

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Letter #8


My son, Avraham, called me at 5:00 this morning to say he and the other Lone Soldiers in his unit received care packages from your organization today. He was excited to get the warm clothing, toiletries, and candy, and especially to get a letter from a family in Tampa. He is serving on a base in northern Israel, so the long underwear and fleece are really needed.

As the American mother of a Lone Soldier, I deeply appreciate how good you made my son feel.

Thank you and best wishes,

Barbara from Indiana


Letter #9


I'm a lone soldier from Canada who is serving in Tzahal as a member of the Garin Tzabar program. I want to thank you very much for your ongoing support and love that you have shown Israeli soldiers. It's very nice to know that someone cares. I remember only two years ago, when my sister and I sent out presents for Israeli soldiers, who would have thought I would ever be on the recieving end? Thank you from the bottom of my heart, you are giving much more than you realize!

Lots of love,
Orit Tepper
An Infantry Instructor
Kibbutz Iftach Israel

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Letter #13


My name is Gur Nedzvetsky, and I'm a former soldier in one of the Paratrooper units. Today I recieved the gifts you sent me and I want to thank you all.

By sending these gifts to wounded soldiers you are doing a great deed, and prove once again that we are not fighting for nothing.

Thank you all.


Letter #14

Letter #15

To whom it may concern,

We are a mixed (Israeli, Dutch, German) family living in Amsterdam in The Netherland. Our oldest son Matan just started with his army service in Israel and he is a lonely soldier. Last month we visit him in Israel and he came home with a package from your organization. It mends a lot to him and to us that there are people who care about the lonely soldiers.

Thank you to all the people who donate money and make this possible.

Best regards,
Heidi Hilf

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