Long Term Wounded Soldiers

A Special Weekend!

Through our liaison Revital Turgeman in Tel Hashomer Rehabilitation hospital we become aware of the long term emotional effects on those soldiers who have been hospitalized for many long months. I happen to have mentioned this to a very close friend in NY. To my delight she called me back to tell me the exciting news that a generous donor who chooses to remain anonymous has donated the funds for a weekend holiday for those soldiers that are able to leave the hospital for the weekend.

Six soldiers and their aids where given permission by the doctors to take a short break from their treatments with the understanding that they must return to the Hospital Sunday morning. The soldiers where overjoyed at the prospect of a respite from their difficult and painful months in the hospital.

Thursday night we arranged a wonderful banquette at Jerusalem's finest meat restaurant. I went to the restaurant to make sure everything was in order. Then I saw the first soldier, Amit, walking very slowly with a young women and his father. As you can see from the picture he moves cautiously due to the braces on his head and upper body. As he got to the table I observed his girlfriend putting her hand underneath one of his arms to steady him as he tried to seat himself. He looked up at her with an adoring smile, turned her hand over and very tenderly kissed her fingertips.

After the meal they where taken by their aids to the Ramat Rachel Hotel which has accommodations for the handicapped. They were warmly greeted at the hotel by baskets of fresh fruit in their rooms as well as a special basket of sweets which was supplied by A Package From Home.

Friday morning after a sumptuous Israeli breakfast they set out to visit Sataf which is a goat cheese farm. At the Farm the owner showed them how the variety of gourmet cheeses are made.

Back at the hotel those that where able went to the swimming pool and later to get ready for Shabbat. They had a lovely Festive Friday night meal. Saturday they rested and enjoyed a full board of culinary delights.

They all remarked what a pleasure it was to have a change from the hospital environment and food. (See attached thank you letter from Eli the father of Amit one of the severely wounded soldiers).

This special gift that was provided by our generous anonymous donor was received with such pleasure and appreciation to know that their personal sacrifice is appreciated and remembered.

We would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a Shannah Tova and a peaceful New Year.

Dear A Package From Home and team of volunteers Revital and Assaf,
Subject: Expressing gratitude and appreciation

1. I would like to thank A Package From Home, Mrs. Barbara Silverman for arranging this wonderful weekend for the group of long term wounded soldiers from the IDF, amongst them my son Amit-Menashe Daphne.

2. I would like to thank Revital and Assaf that escorted them through the weekend, took care of them on all levels.

3. I would like to point out that our son Amit was severely wounded during his military service and in the past months has been stuck at the hospital. This weekend with the group of other wounded soldiers has contributed enormously to uplifting his spirits and general good feeling, to his happiness in life and strength to continue on the long road to recovery.

Thank you from my heart,
The Daphne family,
Eli and Yardena.

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